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diesel scanner truck diagnostic tool laptop kit & Interface/Cables 2017

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🔧Full Dealer heavy duty truck scanner with dpf regen | Parameters | Injector Testing | Diesel Truck Emissions Testing’s | EGR & more. 🔧Better than diesel laptops texa . Our Diesel scanners/laptops are much more affordable then other brands. 🕕Our diesel laptop software is Non expiring. 👍magnesium alloy case is 6-foot drop approved, meets MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards ✅1 Year warranty ( after one year we can still offer support if needed) 💲No more dealer fees/ NO annual fees. 💲No More taking your trucks to the dealer which costs you more money, downtime & headaches!. Become the dealer! 🛠Life time tech support with our dedicated team. 💻Future software updates – available 🚀📦Fast FREE shipping on all orders receive it in 3-4 days or less!. 💳Fast & Easy checkout pay via Paypal, Credit Card and many more!. Comes with battery 🔋 & Battery Charger 🔌

diesel scanner diagnostic laptop 2017 kit CF19 Toughbook & Interface/Communication adapter & Cables, compatible with all makes and models up to 2017. This essential tool is perfect for truck drivers, mechanics, and off-road equipment operators, offering comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.

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Diesel Scanner Comes with: Interface/Communication adapter & Cables including 9-Pin Adapter. 6-Pin Adapter. OBD2 Adapter. Diesel Diagnostic Scanner Features:

  • Forced Regens (Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration)
  • Speed Governor Adjustments (Adjust Speed Limiter)
  • Parameter Changes (Tune Truck Settings)
  • Transmission & ABS Tests
  • Deletes
  • Mile Revolution
  • Tubes
  • HP Adjusting
  • Bi-Directional Tests
  • After Treatment System Diagnostics
  • Pressure Tests
  • Solenoid Tests
  • Calibrations
  • DEF System Leak Test

Truck Tuner Capabilities:

  • Regening
  • Diesel Regen
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • Regen Light
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Forced Regen
  • Forced Regeneration
  • Diesel Pressure Tester

Additional Diagnostic Tests:

  • Heater Tests
  • Misfire Tests
  • Fuel Injector Cutout
  • Calibration/Resets
  • Fuel Leakage Tests
  • Trip Resets/Parameters
  • SCR Test
  • VGT Calibrations
  • DPF Ash Reset
  • PTO Parameters
  • Cylinder Cut-outs
  • Cylinder Performance Test
  • Injector Buzz Test/Fuel Lift Pump Relay
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Sensor & Actuator Testing
  • Data Monitoring & Logging
  • Service Reset & Maintenance Functions
  • KOER and KOEO Tests

And much more. If your dealer can do it, so can you! Benefits of Our Diesel Diagnostic Laptop:

  • Plug-and-play ready, enabling you to regen, repair, tune, and diagnose instantly.
  • Eliminate downtime, avoid tows, and bypass dealer fees.
  • Be your own mobile mechanic! This tool will pay for itself within the first month, or return it for a full refund.

Why Choose Us:

  • 30-day return policy with a prepaid return label, even if you just didn’t like it.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Tech support included.
  • Our programs never expire.
  • Save time and money from the first use.
  • Free updates.
  • Price match guarantee. We promise the best price available.
  • Full dealer laptop setup at a fraction of the cost.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Fast shipping within 3 business days (same or next day with express).
  • Tips and Tricks Manual included.

Laptop Specifications:

  • Military-spec Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook (other models available on request).
  • Water-resistant and drop-proof.
  • Equipped with a fast i5 processor 3300U  , 4GB RAM, SSD hard drive, and Windows 10 PRO operating system.
  • Refurbished with brand new parts for exceptional value, and backed by our confidence with a 2-year warranty. Brand new laptops are also available at higher prices upon request.

    Click on the Arrow to see what it covers:

    Covers all Truck Models
    Original dealer programs for engines, transmissions, and brakes up to 2017. Covers On Highway & Off Highway Trucks:
    • Freightliner
    • Kenworth
    • Peterbilt
    • International (Navistar)
    • Mack Trucks
    • Western Star
    • Volvo Trucks North America
    • Sterling Trucks
    • Ford Trucks
    • Chevrolet
    • GMC Trucks
    • HINO
    ISX Series: ISX12, ISX15 | X Series: X12, X15 | ISL Series: ISL, ISL9 | L Series: L9 | ISM Series: ISM | N Series: N14, N14 Plus, NTC | ISB Series: ISB, ISB6.7 | B Series: B3.3, B3.9, B4.5, B5.9, B6.7 | ISC Series: ISC, ISC8.3 | C Series: C8.3 | QSB Series: QSB4.5, QSB6.7 | QSC Series: QSC8.3 | QSL Series: QSL9 | QSX Series: QSX15 | V Series: V555, V903 | K Series: K19, K38, K50 | L Series (Legacy): L10 | M Series: M11 | B Series (Legacy): B5.9 (Legacy) | G Series: G5.9, G8.3 | QSK Series: QSK19, QSK23, QSK38, QSK45, QSK50, QSK60, QSK78 | QSJ Series: QSJ8.9 | N Series (Legacy): NT855 | ISF Series: ISF2.8, ISF3.8 | A Series: A1700, A2000 | QSG Series: QSG12
    CATERPILLAR On-Highway
    300 Series: 3116, 3126 | C Series: C7, C9, C10, C12, C13, C15, C16, C18 | 3400 Series: 3406, 3406E
    CATERPILLAR Off-Highway
    G Series: G3306, G3406, G3508, G3512, G3516 | D Series: D379, D398, D399 | 3400 Series: 3408, 3412 | 3500 Series: 3508, 3512, 3516 | 3600 Series: 3608, 3612, 3616 | 400 Series: 416, 428, 436, 438, 442 | 500 Series: 511, 520, 525 | 1100 Series: 1104, 1106 | 1200 Series: 1204, 1206 | 1500 Series: 1506 | 1700 Series: 1706 | 2000 Series: 2004, 2006 | 2200 Series: 2204, 2206 | 3300 Series: 3304, 3306 | 3400 Series: 3408E, 3412E | 3500B Series: 3508B, 3512B, 3516B | 3500C Series: 3508C, 3512C, 3516C | C175 Series: C175-16, C175-20
    VOLVO On-Highway ENGINES
    D Series: D11, D13, D16
    VOLVO Off-Highway ENGINES
    D Series: D5, D7, D8, D11, D13, D16 | TAD Series: TAD561VE, TAD570VE, TAD571VE, TAD572VE, TAD573VE, TAD874VE, TAD870VE, TAD871VE, TAD872VE, TAD873VE
    MP Series: MP7, MP8, MP10
    DD Series: DD13, DD15, DD16 | Series 60: 11.1L, 12.7L, 14.0L
    International (Navistar) engines On-Highway
    A Series: A26 | N Series: N9, N10, N13 | DT Series: DT466, DT466E, DT530, DT570 | MaxxForce Series: MaxxForce 7, MaxxForce DT, MaxxForce 9, MaxxForce 10, MaxxForce 11, MaxxForce 13
    International (Navistar) engines Off-Highway
    HT Series: HT530, HT570 | I Series: I4, I6 | D Series: D155, D179, D206, D239, D268, D301 | B Series: B275, BD154, BD264 | T Series: T444E
    H Series: H07C, H07D, H06CT, H06DT | J Series: J05C, J05D, J05E, J08C, J08E | E Series: E13C | P Series: P09C | N Series: N04C, N04C-VB, N04C-VC, N04C-VL | K Series: K13C | W Series: W04D, W06D | A Series: A09C, A09C-TI | S Series: S05C | V Series: V08C
    4 Series: 4JA1, 4JB1, 4BD1, 4BD1T, 4BE1, 4BC2, 4BG1, 4HK1, 4JJ1, 4HE1 | 6 Series: 6BB1, 6BD1, 6BG1, 6HK1, 6UZ1, 6WG1 | 8 Series: 8PA1, 8PB1, 8PC1, 8PD1 | 10 Series: 10PE1, 10PD1 | C Series: C240, C190 | N Series: NHR55, NKR55, NKR66, NPR70 | D Series: 4JA1, 4JB1, 4JH1 | F Series: 6BG1, 6HE1, 6HK1 | 1 Series: 1.8L, 1.9L | 3 Series: 3AB1, 3AE1, 3KC1, 3LD1 | V Series: V8, V12 | G Series: G130, G150
    Nissan UD
    GH Series: GH11, GH13, GE13, PF6
    PACCAR Engines
    PX Series: PX-6, PX-7, PX-8, PX-9 | MX Series: MX-11, MX-13
    Cummins B Series: ISB, B5.9, B6.7 Cummins C Series: ISC, C8.3 Cummins L Series: ISL, L9 Cummins M Series: ISM Cummins X Series: X12, X15 Ford Power Stroke: 6.0L V8, 6.4L V8, 6.7L V8 (requires different adapter click here to buy) Duramax: 6.6L V8 (Chevrolet and GMC) (requires different adapter click here to buy)
    FORD (requires Ford adapter click here to buy) CHRYSLER (requires Chrysler adapter click here to buy) TOYOTA (works with NEXIQ)
    Transmissions and Trailer ABS Systems
    Transmissions: Eaton Allison Trailer ABS Systems: Bendix WABCO Haldex

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Note: Others may charge monthly fees and offer no 30-day guarantee. Our diesel diagnostic laptops come with no hidden fees and never expire. With this tool, YOU are the dealer!

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 4 in

3 reviews for diesel scanner truck diagnostic tool laptop kit & Interface/Cables 2017

  1. John (verified owner)

    Fantastic Seller to deal with, came ready outside the box!

  2. Nash (verified owner)

    super fast shipping

  3. TJ (verified owner)

    Laptop is wonderful, my boss loves it!

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