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Changing Parameters on CAT Diesel Engines Tutorial

Changing parameters on a Caterpillar (CAT) engine using Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET) involves these steps:

  1. Connect Diagnostic Equipment:
    • Ensure your laptop has CAT ET software installed.
    • Connect a Caterpillar Communication Adapter to the vehicle’s diagnostic port and your laptop.
  2. Vehicle Identification:
    • Launch CAT ET on your laptop.
    • Connect to the vehicle’s ECM using the diagnostic adapter.
    • Enter the machine’s serial number or equipment ID to identify the vehicle.
  3. Navigate to Parameters Section:
    • Find the section in CAT ET related to changing parameters or ECM configuration.
  4. Select Parameter Group:
    • Choose the relevant parameter group based on the function (e.g., fuel system, emissions control).
  5. View Current Parameters:
    • Review the current values of the parameters you want to modify.
  6. Modify Parameters:
    • Locate the specific parameter to change, ensure you understand its impact, and enter the new value.
  7. Apply Changes:
    • Apply the changes within CAT ET, instructing the ECM to update the parameter setting.
  8. Verify Changes:
    • Confirm that the new parameter values have been successfully updated in the ECM.
  9. Post-Change Testing:
    • Monitor the engine’s performance to ensure the changes have the desired effect.
  10. Documentation and Reporting:
    • Document the parameter changes and any tests conducted for future reference.

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