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Diesel Diagnostic Deals Faqs

What are the benefits of using a diesel diagnostic laptop?

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How do I choose the right diesel diagnostic laptop for my needs
How do I use a diesel diagnostic laptop?

Most programs are straight forward with built in help sections, on top of that if you have any issues connecting to trucks and or program issues, we are here to assist you all the way.

What are your best sellers of diesel laptops?
What are some of the most popular diesel diagnostic laptop brands

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What Adapters or Cables do I need? & will my current adapter work with your diesel laptops?

Most adapters on the market today work with most of the programs on our diesel laptops. If you already have an adapter & not sure if it will work with our diesel scanners, please contact us with an image of your adapter and we will be able to let you know, we can also program the following adapters to work with your diesel laptop – Noregon, Nexiq, DPA, Vocom, CAT com, Drew Technologies & more at NO additional cost!.

What can your diesel Laptops do?

Our diesel laptops & tuners can do the following : def testing, slack adjuster, air brakes, ABS, Turbo vgt, engine derate, spn fmi, def air pressure, vgt actuator Bi-Directional Tests, Aftertreatment, Delete, Parameter changes (truck tune settings), speed governor or limiter, Engine Calibrations, DEF System leak, Misfire tests, Trip resets/Parameters, SCR Test, DPF Ash reset, VGT Calibrations, cylinder hydraulic tests, aftertreatment scr, transmission reset, fault codes, Trailer diagnostics & lots more!

Does the programs/Software expire? or is there any additional fees?

No!, our diesel scanner laptops do NOT expire, nor they have any additional annual fees, no hidden fees. Use it as long as you like. Full dealer pro versions all are Licensed & ready to be used.

How do I get support when needed?

You have several options to get support : 1. Call or Text us – M- F 8am to 5 PM EST 2. Text us your Teamviewer ID & Password ( this allows remote control to your diesel computer) 3. Contact us page and someone will get back to you with in the business hours listed above.

I found a better price else where, do you price match?

Yes, We do price match if VALUE provided is the same, Other sellers may be selling similar diesel laptops , but several important things to note includes, PC Type & specs including memory, processor, hardware, software, support, warranty. Our diesel scanners all come with SSD drives which is 10X faster then normal HDD that others are selling. We will be happy to compare items for you if you found a similar product else where. Contact us via homepage or livechat.

Can I get software updates in the future?

Yes!, You can use the programs on your diesel diagnostic laptop as long as you like, no updates are required but some people update the programs every year or two, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive product and software updates. Software updates are NOT free and can be done remotely without having to ship the diesel laptop back. Software updates range between $75 to 250 for each program requested if we have it available.

Where are you guys located?

We have multiple warehouses cross the US, we guarantee that most orders are received with in a max of 5 days after purchase or we will refund you $100 for the delay ( must be requested via email . Canada 10-15 days & other countries 15-20 days.

How Fast Can I get My Diesel Laptop?

We Ship Monday to Saturday , our latest drop off time is 3 pm EST. usually items arrive in where in the U.S with in 2-3 days sometimes in rare event 5 days. If your outside the U.S. expect 10-20 days.

Whats the difference between the aftermarket adapter & Original Adapter?

Aftermarket adapter – works up to 2015 trucks ( software works to current year ) . its also not as rugged and fast as the original adapters. Original adapters – Made in USA, rugged and last longer plus they connect to your trucks faster & to newer and current years.

You didn’t answer my question how do I contact you?