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Benefits of Buying one of our Diesel Diagnostic Laptops

The essentials of having one of our diesel diagnostic laptops is saving time and money. Taking your diesel trucks for ecm repair or diagnostics to the dealer for tuning or even scan for fault codes will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to preform several diagnoses scans or tunes. Fortunately, with our Diesel Diagnostic laptops now you can scan your own trucks at your own convenience thus saving your time & money. Try one of our diesel truck tools , we are confident you will love it return for full money back no questions asked!.

What are the things you can do with our diesel laptops?

  • def testing
  • Air brakes & ABS
  • Turbo VGT
  • Engine Derate
  • SPN FM
  • DEF Air pressure
  • VGT Actuator
  • BI- Directional Tests
  • Aftertreatment,
  • Delete
  • Paramter changes ( Truck tune settings)
  • Speed governor or limiter
  • Engine Calibrations
  • DEF System Leak
  • Misfire Tests
  • Trip Resets/Paramters
  • SCR Tests
  • DPF Ash reset
  • VGT Calibrations
  • Cylinder Hydraulic Tests
  • Aftertreatment SCR
  • Transmission Reset
  • Fault Codes
  • Trailer Diagnostics & Lots more!.

Our Diesel Scanners Can do everything a dealer can plus these other great benefits bellow:

  • Full Level Dealer Pro Versions Software/Programs
  • Non-Expiring
  • No Annual or hidden fees
  • 2 year warranty/support , If you encounter with any issues with any program we are here to help.
  • Convivence support – we can connect to your pc remotely using an app called Teamviewer ( with TeamViewer you can provide us the login credentials of which we can access your pc , fix, update or troubleshoot connection issues for you, all at no additional cost!.

We have have experts ready to assist you all the way. Contact us today by calling or texting 888-645-9552 . One of our highly trained professionals will be able to help you pick the best diesel diagnostic laptop for your company’s success.  We have helped many from mobile diesel mechanics to fortune 500 transport companies achieve Succeed and Prosper their goals.