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Isuzu IDSS Diesel Diagnostic Scanner Laptop – 2024

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The Isuzu Diagnostic Service System provides comprehensive, non-expiring diagnostics for Isuzu vehicles, including Stripped Chassis, W-Series, F-Series, T-Series, C-Series, H-Series, and N-Series. It covers complete engine diagnostics and various vehicle ECUs. Includes a Nexiq USB Link 3 adapter, OBDII cable, and Panasonic CF19 Toughbook Laptop.

✔ Never Expires

✔ Full Pro version

✔ Comes complete with com adapter and cables ready to work outside the box!

✔ 2 years warranty

✔ Free turns no questions asked with in 30 days 

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The Isuzu IDSS Software Package can preform diagnostics from 90s to current year 2024 , offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of vehicles in the US market. This IDSS software package is designed to provide diagnostics for Isuzu models, including Stripped Chassis, W-Series, F-Series, T-Series, C-Series, H-Series, and N-Series.

The software includes complete engine diagnostics for Diesel 5.2L (4HK1), Diesel 5.2L (4JJ1), Diesel 3.0L (4JJ1), Diesel 7.8L (6HK1), Diesel 4.8L (4HE1), Gas 6.0L, Gas 5.7L, Propane 6.0L, and Gas/Propane Hybrid 6.0L engines. The Isuzu diagnostic capabilities extend to a wide array of additional vehicle ECUs, such as Transmission, ABS, FMS Controller, Diesel Exhaust Fluid Control Module, Mimamori ECU, and Powertrain Interface Module (PIM), among others.

This Isuzu scanner includes wiring schematics and troubleshooting guides, enabling the same diagnostic commands as dealership tools. The software does not expire, ensuring long-term utility. The package comes ready to use with software installation, licensing, and configuration fully set up.

Included in this package is a communication adapter with an OBDII cable, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Additionally, the package features a Panasonic CF19 Toughbook Laptop, specifically selected for its durability and reliability in harsh conditions. This laptop can withstand impact, water exposure, and more, with a shock-mounted hard drive for added durability and waterproof doors, making it ideal for diesel shops and field usage.

Hardware Specifications on the Isuzu Diagnostic Service System:

  • Core i5 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • Wireless internet capability
  • 240GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for enhanced performance and battery life
  • 12-month hardware warranty included
  • Windows 10 Professional

The Isuzu diagnostics software is a robust and reliable tool, providing comprehensive and non-expiring support for a wide range of Isuzu vehicles and engines.

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Dimensions24 × 12 × 4 in


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